This project began in mid-2020 during the strange times of the COVID pandemic. As my working hours as a coffee roaster were suddenly reduced, I found myself with more free time to dedicate to my ideas and passion about coffee.

Welcome to Coffee Feel Good. A coffee information hub for those interested in all aspects of the coffee industry. I’m Luiz Barros, creator of this project and a professional coffee roaster based in NSW, Australia.

I started working in the coffee industry in 2008 and since then have developed a love of sharing my experiences and interest with those around me. From discussing roasting styles and types of beans, to the best tips on brewing techniques, tools and innovation, I find myself fascinated by the ongoing developments and opportunities in the world of coffee.

Years of hard work have led me to travels through Brazil, Kenya, Ethiopia and Indonesia, meeting with farmers, sampling their crops and understanding the process from seed to cup. I’ve found myself fascinated with the variety of cultures and techniques that exist in the development of each coffee product.

This space has been created as a challenge to myself to share my writings and advice around coffee culture in the same way I constantly challenge myself to discover new flavour profiles and provide the best and most consistent roasts everyday at work.

I’m also planing to invite other professionals of the coffee industry to share their ideas and knowledge in this space. Meanwhile, I would like to let you know Coffee Feel Good has the doors opened for like minded people who wants to contribute creating valuable content about coffee.

I look forward to inviting other coffee industry professionals to share their skills and knowledge on this platform and create a community for coffee-loving kindred folk. Coffee Feel Good has an open door for those who are passionate about coffee. If you’re interested in building relationship with coffee professionals or have any feedback or idea, please send me a message.

Here’s hoping you can find all the info and advice around coffee you’re looking for! If you’re after a great cup of coffee, you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy!

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Luiz Barros (CFG Founder)